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Hi, my name is Nathan Wade and I am an official independent associate of Isagenix.

I discovered Isagenix last year when I was looking to transform my diet and my health. Suffering from terrible allergies and exhausted from working long hours in my corporate job, I was advised by a nutritionist that I needed to overhaul my diet.

Isagenix was the perfect way for me to kick start my new lifestyle. I started on the 30 day challenge and have never looked back. In fact, it made such an enormous difference to me and my life that I decided to create this website.

Edcorney.net is the number one place to get started on your fitness, health or lifestyle journey. Order all of your Isagenix products on line or speak to our helpful team about the best way to get the results you need. We’re here to help you see the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time.

So are you keen to make a change? You can start today.

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So Who Is Ed Corney?

Ed Corney is a true inspiration. Widely regarded as the greatest poser in the history of bodybuilding, Ed competed until he was 64 years old and still trains in the gym to this day. When I made the decision to completely overhaul my diet and lifestyle, Ed Corney was the first person I thought of for inspiration. While I’m not a competitive bodybuilder, I do want to be doing amazing things well into my 60’s and beyond. And so I set up this website as a constant reminder of what is possible when you really commit yourself to living a healthy lifestyle.

I should disclaim that Isagenix isn’t endorsed by Ed. I’ve never actually met the great man but respect him greatly none the less. Google Ed Corney for information on this inspiring bodybuilder.


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